Structure of Benzene

Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon containing alternative double and single bonds. Benzene is more stable due to resonance stabilization. It follows Huckel’s rule. it is a cyclic conjugated species i.e it contains alternative double and single bonds. The main source of benzene is coal tar. This was first isolated by Farady from the cylinders of compressed illuminating gas. Hoffmann obtained benzene by fractional distillation of coal tar. in the benzene all the carbon atoms are sp2 hybridized. The number of sigma and pi bonds is 12 and 3. The C-C bond length is 1.39A and C-H bond length is 1.09A.

Benzene can be prepared from

From Acetylene

From sodium benzoate

From phenol

From Chlorobenzene

From Benzene sulphonic acid

From benzene diazonium chloride

From Grignard Reagent

Chemical properties

Addition reaction

Electrophilic substitution reaction

Oxidation reaction

The detailed reaction and mechanism will be provided in the next blog of benzene.

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