Why H-O-H bond angle in a water molecule is greater than H-S-H bong angle in H2S molecule?

Ans. The central atom of H2O is O and H2S is S. Due to the smaller size of oxygen, the electronegativity of oxygen is greater than that of S. In H2O molecule, the central atom of oxygen has four electron pairs in which two pairs are bonding pairs and two pairs are lone pairs. In H2S molecules, central atom S also has four pairs with two pairs bonding pairs and two pairs lone pairs. So, generally both bond angles H-O-H and H-S-H are expected to be the same but due to the higher electronegativity of oxygen than that of sulphur, the H-O-H bond angle in water molecules becomes comparatively higher than that of H-S-H bond angle in H2S molecule.

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