Carbocation is a reactive intermediate formed by the heterolytic cleavage. It contains six electrons in its valance shell i.e it is in incomplete octet state. Carbon atom in carbocation contains positive charge which acts as electrophile .The carbon atom is sp2 hybridised and its structure is planar. stability: 3>2>1>methyl carbocation Reactivity :methyl carbocation >1>2>3


Alkanes are the saturated hydrocarbons containing the sigma bond only. The simplest alkane is methane containing only one carbon atom. Alkanes are also known as paraffin because of their reactivity towards chemical reactions. The carbon is in an sp3 hybridized state. Alkane exhibits the chain, position, conformational and optical isomerism. Methane is also known as … Read more


Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon containing alternative double and single bonds. Benzene is more stable due to resonance stabilization. It follows Huckel’s rule. it is a cyclic conjugated species i.e it contains alternative double and single bonds. The main source of benzene is coal tar. This was first isolated by Farady from the cylinders of … Read more