Biochemistry Vs organic Chemistry

Biochemistry: Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes within a living organism. which give rise to the complexity of life. These contain biomolecules. The structure of biomolecules is very complex.

  • Biochemistry deals with the study of biology and chemistry.
  • Biochemistry relates to study the following fields also. i.e, Molecular genetics, carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, enzymes,Nucleic acid, miroorganism culture and different metabolic activities of biomolecules.

It can be divided into three branches

  1. Molecular genetics
  2. Protein science
  3. Metabolism of biomolecules.

Organic Chemistry: The scientific study of organic compounds is known as organic chemistry. Generally in organic compounds, the carbon atom is the main skeleton. organic compounds may be saturated and unsaturated. Those that contain double bonds are called saturated and single bonds are called saturated.

  • Organic chemistry delas mainly with the study of carbon and its compounds.
  • To find out the derivatives of chemical compounds.
  • Used in Medicine to for the drug discovery.
  • In natural products.

It can be divided into

  1. Aromatic and aliphatic
  2. unsaturated and saturated.

Aromatic compounds contain alternative double and single bonds but in aliphatic compounds, there is no ring system. in the saturated system there is only a single bond but in the unsaturated system there is the presence of a double bond.

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