Potato dextrose media

Potato dextrose media i.e PDA is used for the cultivation of fungi. Potato dextrose is a general media.which is recommended for plate count methods for foods. It encourages mold sporulation and pigment¬†¬† production in dermatophytes. Agar is used as solidifying agents. Procedure 1. Boil 200g sliced, unpeeled potatoes in 1 litre distilled water for 30 … Read more

Real gas and Ideal gas

Ideal gas : Any gas that obeys the ideal gas equation at all conditions of temperature and pressure is called ideal gas equation. Real gas : Any gas that obeys the Ideal gas equation only at low pressure and high temperature is called as Real gas.

Biochemistry Vs organic Chemistry

Biochemistry: Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes within a living organism. which give rise to the complexity of life. These contain biomolecules. The structure of biomolecules is very complex. Biochemistry deals with the study of biology and chemistry. Biochemistry relates to study the following fields also. i.e, Molecular genetics, carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, enzymes,Nucleic acid, … Read more