Monosaccharide | Types | carbohydrates |

Cannot be hydrolyzed into smaller units. Simplest of the carbohydrate Subunit from which disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides are constructed. Two types a)Depending upon the carbon atom present b)On the basis of the functional group present Physical properties of Monosaccharide Compounds are generally crystalline solids with a high melting point, very soluble in water, more or … Read more

Nuclear Over Houser Effect ( NOE)

Discovered by – Albert Overhouser 1953 It is defined as the change in the intensity of one spin when the transition of another nucleus is perturbed from the equilibrium population. Nuclear spin that is coupled – gives rise to nuclear over houser effect. Through space, the coupling is also called dipolar coupling. It depends on … Read more

Facts in Periodic Table

Lightest metal – Li Lightest gas – H Metalloid – Ga , In , Ge , As , Sb. Liquid radioactive element – Francium Liquid non metal – Br2 Solid non metal – B , C , Si , P , S , I . Non metal sublimate – I2 Gaseous non metal – N … Read more

Finding the oxidation number of atom.

Q. Calculate the oxidation number of Sulphur in K2S2O3 and SOCl2. Let the oxidation number of S in K2S2O3 be x. also, we know that the oxidation number of potassium is +1 and the oxidation number of oxygen is -2. Applying the rule, (+1) × 2 + (x) × 2 + (-2) × 3 = … Read more

Metastable ion in Mass Spectrometry

 If an ion,  whether molecular ion or fragment ion (m1+) is accelerated before it breaks down, then it decomposes in the acceleration region and gives m2+ and m3 ions. The part of the kinetic energy of m1+ is lost to the neutral fragment  m3.       m1+              =     m2+ + m3  The m2+ ion continues to … Read more

What is the oxidation state of potassium in potassium chromate?

Ans: Chemical Formula of potassium chromate is K2Cr2O7 Let x be the oxidation number of Chromium (Cr) Also, we know, the oxidation state of potassium is +1 The oxidation state of oxygen is – 2 . According to the rule ; (+1) × 2 + x + (- 2 ) × 4 = 0 +2 … Read more

Nuclear Over Hauser and Exchange Spectroscopy (NOESY) | BSc |MSc

It records all the proton-proton NOE’S occurring in a molecule in a single spectrum. it appears like 1H – 1H COSY spectrum. where as orthogonal axis is of the proton chemical shiftand the normal spectrum appears on the diagonal. NOESY is a space phenomena rather than bond interaction. NOESY spectrum provides information about geometry of … Read more

2D – NMR | Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy | BSc & MSc |

[Enter Post Title Here] 2D NMR spectroscopy referred to both frequency axes. It is actually a 3D plot. It requires two Fourier transformations at right angle to each other – two independent time axes to arrive at two orthogonal frequency axes. In this, multiple pulse sequence are considered:- Equilibrated period is followed by two pulses … Read more

Principle of Infrared Spectroscopy

            IR spectroscopy is the electromagnetic spectrum that lies between Visible and Microwave regions. From the instrumentation and application point of view, the IR region can be divided further into as, Near IR region (14290-4000 cm-1) Mid IR region (4000 – 400cm-1) Far IR region ( 400-100 cm-1) When IR light is passed through a … Read more