Types of Alcohol

1) Absolute alcohol: Absolute alcohol is a common name for the chemical compound ethanol. To qualify as “absolute,” the ethyl alcohol must contain no more than one percent water. In other words, absolute alcohol is liquid alcohol that is at least 99 percent pure alcohol by weight and it is preparedby two method: Azeotropic distillation: a) … Read more

Molecular Propellers | Stereochemistry |

are a kind of atropisomerism. called molecular propeller because of their analogy with the propellers of airplanes or boat molecules of this type – consist of two or more subunits. – radiating from the axis of rotation – which my be single or combination of atoms. if the blades or subunits are identical in structure … Read more

Periodic Table | Properties | Terms

s & p – block elements are also called representative elements f – block elements – Lanthanides and actinides d block – transistion elements Typical elements – Li to F Transuranic elements – Artificial elements ( At. no > 93 (Np) Group VA / 15 – Nitrogen family – Pnicogenes – suffocating agents Group VA … Read more

Find Oxidation number of Atom

Calculate the oxidation number of phosphorous in H3PO4. let us consider the oxidation number of phosphorous to be x. also, we know that the oxidation number of hydrogen is +1 the oxidation number of oxygen is -2. (+1) × 3 + x + (-2 ) × 4 = 0 +3 + x – 8 = … Read more

Finding the oxidation number of atom.

Q. Calculate the oxidation number of Sulphur in K2S2O3 and SOCl2. Let the oxidation number of S in K2S2O3 be x. also, we know that the oxidation number of potassium is +1 and the oxidation number of oxygen is -2. Applying the rule, (+1) × 2 + (x) × 2 + (-2) × 3 = … Read more

Which elements are used as fuel in atom bombs? Nuclear Chemistry

Atom bombs are nuclear weapons which work on the basis of nuclear fission reaction producing large amount of dustructive energy in short period of time. The most common used elements in atom bombs are Uranium-235( istope of Uranium) and Plutonium-239( isotope of plutonium).  The atom bombs named ‘ Little Boy ‘ and ‘Fat Man’ are … Read more

What volume of CO2 will be delivered at NTP to extinguish the fire from a cylinder of 10 L? ( It contains 5Kg CO2 gas )

Here, mass of CO2 = 5kg = 5 × 1000 = 5000 g Also we know that At STP , 44 g of CO2 will produce 22.4 L of CO2 gas. 5000g of CO2 will produce (22.4 × 5000 ) / 44 L of CO2 gas = 2545.45 L The volume of CO2 that will … Read more

What is the oxidation state of potassium in potassium chromate?

Ans: Chemical Formula of potassium chromate is K2Cr2O7 Let x be the oxidation number of Chromium (Cr) Also, we know, the oxidation state of potassium is +1 The oxidation state of oxygen is – 2 . According to the rule ; (+1) × 2 + x + (- 2 ) × 4 = 0 +2 … Read more

2D – NMR | Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy | BSc & MSc |

[Enter Post Title Here] 2D NMR spectroscopy referred to both frequency axes. It is actually a 3D plot. It requires two Fourier transformations at right angle to each other – two independent time axes to arrive at two orthogonal frequency axes. In this, multiple pulse sequence are considered:- Equilibrated period is followed by two pulses … Read more

Williamson’s Ether Synthesis | Organic Chemistry |

Alcohol in reaction with active metal sodium gives sodium alkoxide. sodium alkoxide on reaction with an alkyl halide gives ether. It is known as Williamson’s ether synthesis helps to synthesize aliphatic, aromatic, symmetrical, unsymmetrical ethers. ROH + Na         =                    RONa + ½ H2 RONa + R – X      =                R – O – R + NaX RONa … Read more