1. State: The lower member of alcohols are usually colourless liquids whereas higher members are usually colourless and odourless solids. 2.Solubility: Alcohols are soluble in water. This is due to the hydroxyl group in the alcohol, which is able to form hydrogen bonds with water molecules and their decline solubility is due to the increase in … Read more

Molecular Propellers | Bsc | Msc Organic Chemistry

Molecular propellers are a kind of atropisomerism involving substances. They are called molecular propellers because of their analogy with the propellers of airplanes or boats. Molecules of this type consist of two or more subunits. They may be single atoms or a combination of atoms. The term molecular propeller is not confined to cases where … Read more

Monosaccharide | Types | carbohydrates |

Cannot be hydrolyzed into smaller units. Simplest of the carbohydrate Subunit from which disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides are constructed. Two types a)Depending upon the carbon atom present b)On the basis of the functional group present Physical properties of Monosaccharide Compounds are generally crystalline solids with a high melting point, very soluble in water, more or … Read more

Nuclear Over Houser Effect ( NOE)

Discovered by – Albert Overhouser 1953 It is defined as the change in the intensity of one spin when the transition of another nucleus is perturbed from the equilibrium population. Nuclear spin that is coupled – gives rise to nuclear over houser effect. Through space, the coupling is also called dipolar coupling. It depends on … Read more

Chemical formula And Their Uses

Epsom salt : MgSO4 . 7H20 used in dye , used in industry , tanning industry , dressing for cotton goods. 2. Plaster of Paris: CaSo4. 1/2 H20 used in surgical bandages plastering broken or fractured bones. 3. Quick Lime: CaO used in building constructions as a mortar. 4. Plaster of Paris: CaSO4. 2H2O used … Read more

Find Oxidation number of Atom

Calculate the oxidation number of phosphorous in H3PO4. let us consider the oxidation number of phosphorous to be x. also, we know that the oxidation number of hydrogen is +1 the oxidation number of oxygen is -2. (+1) × 3 + x + (-2 ) × 4 = 0 +3 + x – 8 = … Read more

Metastable ion in Mass Spectrometry

 If an ion,  whether molecular ion or fragment ion (m1+) is accelerated before it breaks down, then it decomposes in the acceleration region and gives m2+ and m3 ions. The part of the kinetic energy of m1+ is lost to the neutral fragment  m3.       m1+              =     m2+ + m3  The m2+ ion continues to … Read more