First Law of Thermodynamics

The first law of thermodynamics is based on the law of conservation of energy, It states that ” Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be converted into one form to another form “


It can be stated as, ” The total amount of energy in the universe remains constant, although it may undergo the transformation from one form to another.”


  • The total energy of the universe remains constant.
  • Different form of energy are interconvertible.
  • when one form of energy is disappear, an equivalent amount of another energy is appears.

Limitations :

  • The extent and direction of the convertibility of one form of energy into another.
  • It doesnot explain why chemical reaction do not procees to completion.
  • It doesnot explain why natural processes are unidirectional.
  • It doesnot explain the feasibility and spontinity of process.

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