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Definition :

The Branch of chemistry deals with the study of the arrangement of atoms in three-dimensional space is called stereochemistry.

Stereoisomers / Stereoisomerism :

These isomers are arises due to the different arrangement of atoms or groups in three-dimensional space. It is of three types;

  1. Conformational isomer / conformation
  2. Gemetrical isomers / Isomerism
  3. Optical isomers / Isomerism

Plane polarized light (PPL): The stereoisomers which can rotate the plane-polarized light are called optical isomers.

Chiral Carbon: The carbon which contains four different groups or atoms attached to it is known as chiral carbon and the molecule containing chiral carbon is called a chiral molecule.

Optical activity: The property of chiral molecules by which the plane polarised light is rotated is called optical activity.

Specific rotation: The angle of rotation produced by a compound when plane-polarized light passes through a solution of 1 gm per milliliter concentration.

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