Hyperconjugation | Reaction Mechanism |

  • This effect is also known as the Baker Nathan effect or the Anchimeric effect or No Bond resonance or σ – π conjugation.
  • Whenever there is an alpha – ( C – H ) bond with respect to C = C, C+ , C. , sigma electrons, etc bonds becomes delocalized due to overlapping of sigma orbitals of C – H bond and p – orbitals of C=C , C., C+, and various possible resonating structures are developed which are called hyperconjugation.
  • Resonance structure due to hyperconjugation may be written involving ” no bond ” between the alpha carbon and hydrogen atoms. so called ” No bond resonance”

Application of Hyperconjugation

  1. Explains the stability of alkene.
  2. Heat of hydrogenation and heat of combustion.
  3. Stability of alkyl carbocation and alkyl free radical.

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