Electrophiles | Nature of Reagents |

  • These are called electron-loving species.
  • Are electron deficient species or electron acceptor is electrophile.

It is of two types

  1. Charged electrophile (E+ ): Positively aharged species in which central atom has incomplete octet.

E.g, H+ X+, NO+, R+, Fe2+

Note: All cations are charged electrophiles except cations of IA, IIA group elements, Al3+ and NH4+

2. Neutral electrophile: it can be classified into 3 categories.

  • Incomplete octet or vacant d – orbitals containing neutral molecules. (e.g BF3, BCl3, AlCl3, SF6, SnCl4 )
  • Neutral molecules in which more EN atoms are attach to multiple bonds.(e.g CO2, SO2, SO3 )
  • Carbene , Nitrene and carbon free radicals are electrophiles.

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